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Acrylic Display Stands
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Acrylic Glasses Display
Digital Products Display Stands
Wine&Cigarette Racks
Acrylic Menu Holder
Acrylic Box&Case&Bins
Acrylic Name Card Box
Acrylic Tissue Box
Ball Display Box
Acrylic Donation&Ballot box
Acrylic Shoe Box
Makeup Organizer Box
Acrylic Candy Bins
Acrylic Gift Box
Acrylic Display Cases
Acrylic arts and gifts
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Acrylic Calendar
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Acrylic Block
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Christmas Acrylic Decorations
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Acrylic Bird Feeder
Acrylic Aquarium
Acrylic hanger
Acrylic Led Light
Acrylic Led light Letter
Acrylic Light Box
Acrylic Led Light Showcase
Acrylic Led Advertising Sign
Acrylic Led Light for Bottle stand

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Best price

times   2015-06-11
The market competition is increasing fiercely, to save costs is a very important thing to any company. The first thing should be considering is the quality of products which match the requirement of each customer. The acrylic display products can't meet customer's expection, or don’t match to their brand value is the biggest waste to customers. So, communication seems much more important than we thought . In the acrylic products design and proofing processes, we’ll listen from customers patiently and give our professional suggestions , to know clearly about the real needs of our customers. Then, we’ll give the best solution to our customer, including the choice of material, the design of structure, processes of products and some other details. With rich experience in acrylic display and acrylic products industry, advanced equipments and management methods, we can reduce kinds of wastes, improve production quality and efficient. Despite the price advantage ,we supply excellent service and perfect solutions

Our Manufacturers

electronic reciprocating cutting saw

Electronic Reciprocating Cutting Saw

  • It’s the first step when we begin to produce.
  • Cut kinds of materials, acrylic, plastic, solid wood, aluminum, MDF.
  • Position scale is adjustable, so, it’s suitable to different size. And it can cut more than 20pcs plates at the same time.
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise double saw blade frame, so,it’s bidirectional and reciprocating.

vertical machining center-CNCs

Vertical Machining Center-CNCs

  • Cutting & Carving kinds of materials with high precision.
  • Accuracy of positioning is±0.005mm.
  • Testing art craft of complex components for 2D and 3D.
  • Move along the X,Y, Z three axes in effective stroke. So, any shape and size is possible.
  • Can make high precision components and mold.

diamond polish machines

Diamond Polish Machines

  • Automatic polish edge or panel of products with high speed and high precision.
  • Different degree, different shape.
  • The processing size can be controlled less than 0.1mm.
  • Suitable to mass and bulk production.
  • Rotary work platform, auto-retract when the process finish. It’s safe to workers.

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laser engraving machines


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